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a bit of history of Earth-Heart Series work

Julie's experience with the Golden Ratio, platonic solids and divine proportion is the foundation of the work now called the Earth-Heart Series. Here is the story in her own words.


When I was a child I was fasinated with drawing complex patterns with the 'compass' that came with my school supplies. I did not have an affinity for numbers as a child but was able to remember and see complex geometric shapes in my mind. I could always remember building floor plans easily and found that I remembered things in pictures, so I guess I have a version of photographic memory. Linear memory wasn't easy. Geometry was the first mathematics class that I studied where I got perfect grades.


My first formal studies in meditation the students were given instructions for a simple meditation and asked by the teacher to report our experiences in the next class. What I experienced was remarkably different than the other students. I was 'seeing' cubes and other geometic shapes in my meditative state. The teacher had no idea, when I asked, why or what these images were about. I set about after these experiences to learn what I was seeing and why.


The first time I ran across the words Divine Proportion was in my college art classes while learning to draw the human body. We studied the work of Michaelangelo and others that studied the Golden Ratio formula for drawing the body called Divine Proportion. These rules were also used in the architecture of the large stuctures of worship around the world. I stumbled upon a book in my journey that finally put Divine Proportion in perspective with the metaphysical and my meditation experience.

After years of questions and searching I took the workshop created by Drunvalo Melchizdek called the Flower of Life. Finally I got the answers I was looking for, and learned that the Platonic Solids and the shapes of Sacred Geometry are a language used to create our reality.

Later I studied work called Light Language by Starr Fuentes, which teaches you how to “program” energy using these shapes, geometry, codes of this Universal Language of the Divine.


Because my mind and meditations were already experienced with this language it was no surprise that I would be able to channel the advanced use of the combined sacred geometry codes for reprogramming our energy fields to stay balanced during the rapid shifts in electromagnetic energy of our planet Earth.


“The high frequencies of these symbols are blowing me away! Bravo Julie for being the power and channel! I am high on the Earth-Heart codes, more – more!”

Dianne T., Summerville SC

“ I would absolutely take more workshops from Julie, this Earth-Heart class was delivered intelligently with love.” 

April S. Fairhope, Alabama

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