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Nobody Told Me I'd Feel Like This!

Empathic Study Sessions

with Julie E Brent

What is Empathy? 

Since the beginning of time there have been people who have the power to feel what others are feeling. 

Empathy can be an extraordinarily daunting experience if you don't know that your feeling are not always just your personal feelings. 


What Will We Do in this Session? 

During this call you will learn some ways to identify your Empathic Abilities 

* learn to clear out what feelings are not yours and 

* how to make use of these experiences to assist yourself and others. 


Who Would Want to schedule a study session with Julie? 

* If you have difficulty being in groups 

* If your emotions and physical symptoms change when you are around your family members or 

* You just feel the weight of the world problems are too great for you to handle 


Having these experiences indicate that

you may be an Empath. 


This Study Session may help you understand what you are experiencing in a new and empowering way. 


If you have questions please email Julie and ask!

To request a Private Study Session about your possible Empathic Abilities





Once you chose to have a Private Study Session you will be given the phone number and conference code to dial for the live call with Julie.* This call can be recorded for your use later to review. The FEE for the session is $40.00 USD for the first 30 minutes and $1.00 per minute for additonal time upon request. Payable via PayPal.

After the Study Session you can schedule a series of sessions to learn techniques for navigating the world in a safe and sane way as an empath. You can learn to go out into the world and engage with others and continue to just be YOU! 

It is all possible because Julie has done this for herself and will share her journey to regain the freedom of being yourself in the company of others.

The Private Study Session can be done from your home ANYWHERE in the world. It will be recorded for your use later. You can also have others join the call if you want a group session.

*You will pay for any telephone call charges from your point of origin to the United States for this call in addition to the Study Session fee.

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