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Healing the Earth Meditation

This meditation uses a 12 chakra system and expands on the power symbol used in Reiki.

I was asked to use it with a small group of people that were holding regular meditations at that time. After using it and making the changes that were appropriate for the group, we stopped our collective meditation and each person moved on to other facets of their work. Recently I was led to begin using this meditation again and to make it available to others who are lead to use it. I will include the entire instructions as given to me in August 1996 as well as a diagram to better understand how to do the meditation.There were flower essences that I was asked to make that enhanced the meditation and increased the impact of the work. These essences have completed there work and are no longer needed.

This meditation was given to me, Julie E. Brent, by LUBAO, my Higher Self on August 2, 1996.

FROM LUBAO as channeled by Julie E. Brent

You will be able to work together well for the purpose of having time to help the planet heal. The meditation will focus on this work. (at that time the essences were used .....The flower essences will assist in energy changes toward your deeper ability to do this work) Julie will be channel for my energy LUBAO, others will be channel for other aspects of this healing energy.

The planet needs to be balanced and focused on an energetic level, more energy is coming into this sector and it must be filtered and prepared thru various energies on this plane to be effective in healing the planet EARTH. Others around the globe will also be preparing essences and doing meditation for their particular part of the planet. These meditations at particular power points will prepare the planet for the next wave of energy.

Be diligent in your work, do not delay, the Universal Light is radiant in each of you and the progress of Divine Light will be advanced by your efforts.

Call on LUBAO who will assist in the meditation.


Chant at beginning the word DA. It will open your appropriate energy channels.

Then you can prepare with breath.

Do alternate nostril breathing to balance your right and left brains. This will prepare each of you to receive the most information in each meditation.

Your task/challenge will be to work in co-creative fashion without losing sight of the purpose to assist the planet EARTH in her healing and transformation. You have been chosen for your unique individual energies and they will blend perfectly for this work.

After balancing your right & left brains then ask /pray for each of your Guides who are available to work on this project to join you in the meditation.

(At this point you may want to look at the diagram to assist you in understanding the meditation) 


Begin now to align your energies thru intent with the HEART OF THE CREATOR pulling the energy through the SOUL STAR down thru your CHAKRAS into your EARTH STAR and gather energy there with a breath.

At this point begin a spiral movement (moving to your left) of the energy directly from the EARTH HEART back to your SOUL STAR. Go spiraling down to your EARTH STAR below your feet, then back up to your CROWN CHAKRA.

Next move down again to the feet at your GROUND CHAKRA, continue around to the BROW CHAKRA, down to the BASE CHAKRA, up to the THROAT CHAKRA, down to the CREATIVE CHAKRA, up to the ASCENDING HEART CHAKRA, down to the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA and finally ending up at the HEART CHAKRA.

Take a DEEP BREATH while holding for a moment at the HEART CHAKRA and then exhale sending the energy back down into the EARTH HEART.

Hold the focus of the energy drawn to the EARTH HEART for 20 minutes or so.

Finish with a prayer of THANKS and BLESSING the EARTH in her healing and transformation and all the beings who transform with our Blessed Mother Earth.

This meditation can be copied freely and distributed to all who feel its power. 

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