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The exciting world of Quantum-Touch can be explored more on their complete web pages:

A Quantum-Touch Session is a powerful experience to increase your Life-Force Energy so that your body can heal itself. I am available for remote sessions no matter where you are in our Universe. Please contact me with your location, time zone and something about what you would like to address in your Quantum-Touch energy session. Available by phone or Zoom session, your preference.


Comments About Sessions from a recent client:

" Julie Brent is truly an AMAZING! -
                  Quantum-Touch Therapist.
Wowowow Julie, I am improving daily and maintaining without painkillers. And I can sleep for 3 to 3 1/2 hrs and sometimes 4 hours straight. For so many years I’ve been unable to do this.


Further details: Next, even my previous doctor was shocked after I went to an appointment I had scheduled with him prior to Julie working on me the first time. Well, the first thing out of the docs mouth was when I got onto the table, "Wow, you are truly a different woman." and he said this several times this day...the doctor was amazed how my body had been altered. Needless to say, I did not tell him that Julie had worked on me just two days beforehand. By the way, I had had 5 visits with him before calling Julie.

So I'll give a little more detail here... my hip would always be low and my neck and the occipital ridge would be swollen and pain would return easily. That day, the doctor said that my neck had a natural curve in it that it didn't have previously. And, I was able to maintain my hip on a normal level instead of it being lower. 


Plus, from that day forward after Julie had worked on me, I could control the pain in my neck ... all I had to do was to stop long enough, acknowledge how I felt, and my neck would return to normal. This was an absolute miracle for me, because for 4 months 

I had to use painkillers for my neck, shoulders, chest and lungs after the heavy device had fallen onto the bridge of my nose. And, after Julie worked on me the first time, I no longer had to use pain medicine. Since then, I have had her work on me a couple

more times for a tune up. I am truly holding my own now ... and it feels great!


Plus, I can walk just with a cane and do not have to use my walker. I can stand up straighter as I have more strength in my lower back. ."   

~ T. P. - Oregon

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