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ABOUT Julie E Brent

Prime directive: Keep It Simple.


What I have learned:

Healing is an inside one can heal anyone else, the healing comes from within each individual. A great 'healer' is someone who gets well really fast. We are born with the body intelligence to heal and life has conspired to let us forget. My job is to facilitate the healing from wherever you want to start.

Julie E Brent

Julie E Brent is a gifted conscious channel, visionary, empath and author, is the developer Tri-Spiral Healing and the Earth-Heart Codes, a Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum-Touch practitioner, studied Light Language from Starr Fuentes lineage, has Flower of Life and Awakening the Illuminated Heart with Drunvalo Melchizedek, Practitioner of Reflexology - creator of Reflex-ation modality, Homeopathy, Ho'oponpono, and Yoga in her work. Channel of Goddess Pele offering the Earth-Self Meditation. Julie has researched Inter-dimensional Healing and includes that in her work, also offering 5thDimensional Mastery training workshops. Julie studied BioSonic Repatterning with Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, Founder of BioSonics and has taken Heart-Math Training.
She studied Entura Art -"entering the aura" - and creates an individually intuited artwork for a specific topic just for you.

Published Author

Julie has published the following books, The Return of Mankind to the Natural World, and
Beyond Seven Chakras which can be downloaded to your device or puchased in softcover. 

She contributed a story to Thomas Freese's More Stories of Ghosts, Spirits and Angels, 2011 (Acclaim Press).


I definitely intend to take another class from Julie! She is knowledgeable, experienced, intuitive and empathic, which allows for an optimum training experience

Polly Bell, Lexington, KY

Energy Focus

Since 1985 Julie has practiced many modalities of energy work, beginning with Polarity, but none of the different styles of energy healing worked as fast as Quantum-Touch until recently she discovered even more advanced Tri-Spiral Healing! Having studied, quantum physics, sacred geometry, polarity, reiki, shiatsu, therapeutic touch, jin shin acu-touch, healing touch, collectively this body of knowledge and consciously channeling a way to integrate what she has learned into the Earth-Heart modality. Julie is a Reiki Master Teacher and has taught Reiki since 1996 and gives Reiki sessions by appointment. She still uses QT and Reiki to speed the process of healing up dramatically. Julie teaches Tri-Spiral Healing and also looks forward to working with you in a private distance sessions or coaching session.

Julie's Credentials

Julie has a MA in Art and Anthropology from the

University of Kentucky,

She studied at the Desert Institute School of

Classical Homeopathy in Phoenix AZ.

Was NCTMB Nationally Certified in

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork for over 20 years

And Licensed In Therapeutic Massage for 19 years.

You can view her full RESUME here.


You have everything to gain by contacting Julie for a free 15 minute Q&A session. After 15 minutes you can choose to make an appointment or sign up for classes or Entura Art.  Her office is in the heart of Lexington, KY 40517
Email: AskJulieEBrent @   Phone 251-50FOUR-FIVE328  

Julie E Brent, Keep It Simple

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