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Classes - Hands On - Entura Art

Julie's is a gifted teacher and enjoys sharing the many resources and material she has studied.
Take a few minutes to browse the workshops available. Not all of them have dates scheduled, but if you find something interesting then please mention your interest in an email and it will be scheduled.

"Yes, I would take a class again with Julie as she is clear in her teaching, has excellent communication skills and a sense of trust as soon as you walk in the door. The workshop is excellent just the way it is. I like all the exercises and all the information. This workshop has added much to my ability to heal myself and others. Using the energy I learned I have an impact on the world in a positive manner as more & more become aware of it. I hope-will do my part." 

LW-H, Taylorsville, KY

"Everything is very easy to understand even for those who have no other training related to healing arts or medicine. Julie was very informative and easily addressed individual needs of the students".

Sherry W. - Lexington, KY

"The Earth-Self Meditation is profound.  It helped me to identify, understand, and utilize a part of myself and my ancestry that has been just out of reach.  I am now more grounded and more present than I have ever been.  Thanks Pele and thanks Julie!"         

Shawchyi Vorisek  - Reiki Master/Teacher, Frankfort, Kentucky

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